2 Pcs Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait (2 Tubes + 2 Plungers + 2Tips)

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Features & Benefits

  • It contains 2 pieces.
  • Advion cockroach gel is safe for pets.
  • It has non-repellent 0.6% of Indoxacarb.
  • It kills all species of cockroaches.
  • It causes allergies to the hands.

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Let’s take your hands on different kinds of cockroaches with 2 pieces Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait. It is the time to get unbeatable and professional results in eliminating heavy infestation of roaches. With a combination of high-bait matrix and high-consumption bait mixture, this Advion cockroach gel bait with 2 tubes is best for indoor and outdoor places. With an active ingredient, this pest gel causes a brief delay in killing cockroaches. Basically, it gives enough time to roaches to get back to their den and transfer the poison to other roaches.

Features & Benefits

  • This pest gel comes in handy and the package includes 2 plungers, 2 tips, and 2 tubes.
  • Advion cockroach gel bait Souq works as the best crack and crevice treatment for indoor and outdoor places.
  • With the combination of a high-bait mixture and an active ingredient, this Advion gel is safe to use around food-handling areas (but with great care).
  • This pack of 2 tubes of Advion cockroach gel is capable of targeting the toughest infestation of roaches.
  • 2 pieces Advion cockroach gel is not only capable of killing nymphs and adults but also destroys the eggs of cockroaches.
  • This pest gel bait is also usable in multi-family residential areas too.
  • Advion cockroach gel bait is safe to use around pets.
  • Due to the unique formulation method, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait can effectively kill its target even 2 years after opening it.


  • Active Ingredient: 6% Indoxacarb

Other Ingredients

  • High-consumption bait mixture

 Target Pests

This pack of Advion cockroach gel with 2 tubes effectively targets different kinds of cockroaches. A small drop of this magical pest gel is enough to bring down the number of heavy infestations. Don’t worry; the formulation of this gel bait is powerful enough to target the toughest infestation of roaches such as German, Brown-banded, Asian, American, Oriental, Australian, and Smoky-brown cockroaches.

How does this Advion Gel Bait work?

Advion cockroach gel bait contains Indoxacarb as an active ingredient and delivers professionally unbeatable results. After consuming this high-performing bait mixture, Indoxacarb activates the special delaying procedure o mortality and gives enough time to roaches to catch back with others. This unique killing method of Advion pest control gel causes significant results in eliminating maximum numbers of roaches. Each with contaminated bait is capable of transferring poison to other 40 roaches through contacting, touching feces, or feeding on contaminated carcasses.

How to use Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait?

Using this pest control gel is literally a piece of cake. You just have to be careful and always keep an eye on their infestation spots.

  • Use 3 to 5 pea-size drops per 10 linear feet of this pest gel to control the heavy infestation of roaches.
  • 1 to 3 spots per 10 linear feet is enough to control the low or medium infestation of roaches.

Where to use Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 2 Tubes + 2 Plungers + 2 Tips?

This is the best cockroach killer gel and specially designed to use in both indoor and outdoor places. You can use Advion cockroach gel bait in single or multi-residential buildings, schools, hospitals, universities, restaurants, and commercial & industrial areas such as

  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Around food handling or controlling establishments
  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • In transportation equipment including trains, ships, aircraft, buses, and cars


  • Prevent using this pest gel in contaminated buildings, areas, and equipment
  • Wear protective gloves (or glasses if possible) before using this roach killing pest gel
  • Don’t touch your eyes after using this gel bait
  • If your pet accidentally swallows the bait, take him to the vet if any worse reaction occurs.
  • Cover all edible items and food handling surfaces before using Advion.
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