Rest Easy Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Spray Twin Travel Pack Net 4fl Oz

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Features & Benefits

  • Rest easy is the non-toxic bed bug spray that kills bugs and mosquitoes.
  • It is non-allergic and safe around the pets as well as children
  • The special bed bug killing formula contains natural ingredients.
  • It is multipurpose and kills almost all type of bugs including bug mites
  • The small size makes this product portable.

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Let’s control the infestation of bedbugs with an eco-friendly Bed Bug Killer Spray from Rest Easy. This is an economical travel green product that is offering a natural solution to kill bedbugs. Rest Easy Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Killer Spray can also kill many other insects such as bed mites.

Features and Benefits

  • It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient
  • Comprises of all natural ingredients
  • It is an eco-friendly green product
  • This Rest Easy product kills not only bedbugs but also many other small insects
  • The spray comes in the packaging of easy traveling bag
  • It has no bad odor
  • Use this bed bug killer spray in the industrial area and hospitals
  • It has a pleasant smell of cinnamon
  • It can kill the bedbugs in different difficult hiding places such as cracks and crevices of walls, doors & windows
  • The formulation is safe for your pets and kids
  • Specially designed to control the tough communities of bedbugs in residential and commercial areas

How to use this Rest Easy Environmentally-friendly Bed Bug Killer?

Are there lots of bed bugs in your bedroom? Do you want to control not only bedbugs but also many other small insects? If yes then use this Rest Ease Environmentally Friendly Bedbug Killer around your property.
Directly spray this product to the areas where the chances of hiding of bedbugs are high.

Where to store?

Enjoy effective results of this product by storing it in a dry and cold temperature

Warnings/Side Effects

  • Be careful around your pets and kids
  • Place this product at a higher place that is not accessible by kids
  • Don’t store it in a warm place
  • Don’t touch your eyes and nose after spraying
  • Avoid spraying this product directly on furniture
  • Carefully read the label direction before use


It contains all natural ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is this a body spray or for indoor or outdoor places?

The special formulation of Rest Easy Bedbug Killer spray is best for indoor and outdoor applications

Can I directly spray this product on bedding?

Yes, you can.

Does this product kill fleas?

This product is mainly formulated to kill bed bugs and small insects. We have no idea if it has any effect on fleas.

Can I spray this Rest Ease product directly on my furniture?

Although this Rest Ease Bed Bug Killer spray doesn’t include any toxic chemical in it. For extra safety reasons don’t use this product directly on your furniture.

What type of insects can you control with this product?

You can control the heavy infestation of not only bedbugs but also many other small insects such as bed mites.

Does this product also kill the small roaches?

No, this product doesn’t have any effect on the population of small roaches.

Does this variant have any odor?

Yes, this product has a very pleasant cinnamon odor.

Where can I use this product?

You can not only use this product on the bed heads, mattresses but also in the kitchen and around food processing areas. Make sure you have covered your all utensils before spraying.

In which size this product is available?

This cinnamon bedbug killer spray is available in a very comfy travel-size bag. With its handy size, you can carry this spray anywhere with you.

Is this product safe for pets?

Yes, this product is safe for kids and pets.

Does it cause any allergies?

Although, this is a natural product it can cause minor allergies so be careful around kids

How long can this spray work?

You can use this spray one or two times a day in your rooms.

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