MAXFORCE FC Magnum Cockroach Gel (1Tube) 1.16 Oz 33G

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Features & Benefits

  • It can kill different species of roaches.
  • When you keep it tight, you can use this product for almost 2 years.
  • Don’t use this product in humid and dirty areas.
  • This 1.16 Oz of MAXFORCE FC Magnum Gel is pet safe.
  • It contains Fipronil as an active ingredient

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Do you feel helpless against roaches? Are there lots of roaches in your house? The 1.16 OZ of German MAXFORCE Magnum FC Roach Gel is the perfect solution to your problem. This MAXFORCE bait gel not only attacks the infestation of roaches but also don’t allow them to come back.

What are the features and benefits of MAXFORCE FC Magnum Roach Gel?

  • In one pack, you will get 33 grams of German roach gel. From American to Oriental and Brownbanded, this roach killing gel can kill different species of roaches
  • It is best in formulation with its active ingredient Fipronil. This 1.16 Oz of MAXFORCE Magnum FC Roach Gel is safe for sensitive places such as kitchen and food processing areas
  • Keep this MAXFORCE cockroach killing gel tightly pack and at a cold place. You can use this 1.16 Oz of MAXFORCE Magnum FC roach gel for almost 2 years
  • The formulation of this gel can kill roaches even in its dry form.
  • This MAXFORCE variant has the power of new advanced technology ContactX. This technology not only kills roaches by ingestion but also by slight touching
  • The tube of this product has 10% more roach killing gel, and it includes plastic plunger in it
  • The slow-acting poison of this gel bait allows roaches to contaminate their whole communities. Not only by touching the gel bait but also eating and sharing can cause the death of roaches
  • Spread the drops of bait frequently, and dry form of this MAXFORCE gel can kill roaches almost for 1 year
  • Form indoor places to different outdoor places, this roach gel bait can also be used in restaurants and hospitals
  • The plunger and tip of this 1.16 Oz of MAXFORCE FC Magnum Roach Gel can reach to the difficult places
  • The formulation of this gel allows you to use it in your lawns and garden

How to use this roach gel?

  • Specially designed to kill the heavy infestation of roaches. Apply some amount of gel in the path of roaches and allow it to dry
  • The dry form of this MAXFORCE variant can attack roaches in a better way
  • Reapply this gel if its dry skin gets contaminated

Where to Store it?

For the best results of this gel, you should store it at cold and dry places. Don’t forget to cap it tightly.

Warnings & Side effects

  • Don’t apply this gel directly on your furniture and bed heads. Otherwise, they will lose their shine
  • Don’t apply this gel in very dusty areas
  • Avoid to use it around detergents and baits
  • Avoid touching your eyes after its application
  • The powerful formulation of this gel can cause allergies to your hand. So wear gloves before using it
  • Use this product after reading the direction label carefully
  • Store this product at the high place that is not accessible by kids and pets
  • Don’t apply the excessive amount of this gel at a particular space


Fipronil is the active ingredient of this 1.16 MAXFORCE FC Magnum Roach Killer Gel.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Is this product powerful or not?

With its slow-acting poison, this gel is highly potent and kills the whole colonies of cockroaches.

What is the shelf-life of this MAXFORCE FC Magnum gel?

2 and a half years is the maximum shelf-life for this powerful-acting roach gel. Don’t store it in extreme temperatures otherwise, it will lose its ability to control the infestation of roaches.

When should I reapply the gel?

This gel requires reapplication every 2 weeks. Properly clean the spots of previous gel before reapplying new spots. Clean the surface entirely from dust before applying the gel.

Does this product have any effect on pets? Is it harmful to dogs if it accidentally eats the infested cockroach?

According to the label direction, this 1.16 Oz of MAXFORCE FC Magnum is not harmful to pets. But its low-poisoning formulation can cause allergies. So store this product at higher places. There is nothing to worry if a dog has eaten the infested cockroach. It will not cause any harm to your loving pet.

Can I use this MAXFORCE roach killing gel around my laundry area?

Manufacturers of this roach gel have mentioned clear instructions on its direction label that doesn’t use this gel around detergents and cleaners. So if there are lots of roaches in your laundry then take extra precautionary measures before its application.

Is this product safe for the cat?

Yes, the formulation of this roach killer gel is completely safe and read complete instructions before using it.

Is expiry date of this gel mentioned on its packet?

There is no expiration date mentioned on the product packaging of this product. But according to the manufacturers, you can use this gel for 2 years.

Can I use this MAXFORCE Roach in my car?

Yes, you can use apply this gel in your car. But remember that apply this gel only to those surfaces that are not contaminated with dirt.

Can I apply this gel in my kitchen cabinets?

The primary purpose of this gel is to attack the roaches in their favorite hiding places. Cracks and crevices of kitchen cabinets are the most common places where you can attack their colonies. So, yes, you can apply this powerful but slow-poisoning gel in your kitchen cabinets.

How much time will the roaches take for dying?

You will start to see the dead bodies of roaches after the 48 hours of application.

How can this gel attack the whole communities of roaches?

This 1.16 Oz of Roach Killing Gel is slow-poisoning and allows the infested roaches to transfer this gel to other colony members. Don’t forget this gel is transferred from one cockroach to another by touching or sharing a meal.

What species of cockroaches is the main target of this product?

This MAXFORCE FC Magnum Gel can kill not only German and American roaches but also the oriental and Brownbanded cockroaches.

Is there any health warning mention on this product?

Yes, this gel is safe for food processing area and kitchen.

What is the color of this gel? Does it leave any stain on the floor?

This MAXFORCE FC Magnum Gel has a brown color and this gel does not leave any stain on the floor. You can wipe it easily with the help of the wet cloth.

How much quantity of gel I’ll get in one package?

MAXFORCE is offering 10% more roach killing gel as compared to other brands. So you can get 33 grams of this powerful gel in one tube.

Is this product sold with a plunger?

Yes, you will get plunger inside the packaging of your product. The plunger allows you to apply this gel easily to the cracks and crevices of walls, doors, windows and kitchen cabinets.

Can I apply this MAXFORCE gel in my garden?

Yes sure, you can apply this gel in your garden area. Be careful and make sure the spots of gel are away from your trees.

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