Advion Ant Gel Bait 1 Tube 30 Gm + 1 Plunger + 1 Tip

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Features & Benefits

  • It contains 0.5% bio-active Indoxacarb
  • It is colorless and odorless.
  • Kills all species of ants
  • Wear gloves for avoiding allergic reactions.
  • Keep it away from kids.

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Don’t know how you can get rid of the infestation of ants at any residential or commercial property? Let’s discuss Syngenta’s best Advion Ant Gel that is using multiple techniques for controlling the most robust colonies of ants. Consider as the trust–line in the field of killing insects, Advion Ant Gel is featuring innovative technology.
This 30-gram Advion Ant Gel refers to the best gel that effectively attracts the ants in no time. The active ingredient of this Advion Ant product is slow-acting insecticide that allows ants to eat its bait and reach back to their colonies. The gel is easy-to-use, and you don’t need to do an additional set up. This Advion gel can attract more and more ants until the death of the Queen. This Ant Killer is mess-free and cannot cause trouble for you.

What are the features and benefits of using Syngenta Advion Ant Gel?

Consider as a powerful tool that is offering high-speed accuracy and spectrum control over ants. With highly attractive and homogenous formulation, this Advion Ant Gel Bait 30 gram comes up with a slow-acting poison. This Advion Ant Killer has many features and benefits that prominent this Syngenta product in the market of insect-killing products. Let’s learn its features and benefits.

  • Let’s enjoy the complete control over the nuisance ants with its active ingredient Indoxacarb.
  • The insecticide of this Advion Gel Bait acts through the process of ingestion.
  • The slow-acting poison of this Advion variant allows foraging ants to return to their colonies.
  • The formulation of this Advion Ant Gel is powerful enough to contaminate the whole nests of ants and kills all the larva and Queen.
  • The effect of this ant control is long-lasting.
  • With the easy-to-use method, this pest control product is safe for industrial areas.
  • Now use it without any tension around the food processing surfaces but with great care.
  • This Advion Syngenta has no residue and odor.
  • Effectively treat ants with this Advion Ant Gel at attics and crawl spaces.
  • This ant killer has the nozzle of perfect size that can easily reach to the secretive places of ants.
  • This Syngenta Product is suitable for indoors.
  • Kill different pest species of ants including sweet feeders.
  • With non-staining formulation, the matrix of this gel bait is translucent.
  • With the thorough treatment of infestations of ants, this Advion Ant Gel can maintain its integrity value for long periods.
  • This Advion gel bait can even control the population of harvester and fire ants.
  • Not only for residential but this ant killer is capable of killing ants in industrial areas.

How to use this Advion Ant Gel?

Summer is the peak season in which the infestation of ants increases 2x times as compared to winters. Don’t know how to use this gel bait formulation? No, the problem here you can learn the method of using this sleek and compact gel bait.

  • Find out bait traps in the plastic packaging of this Advion Ant Gel
  • Carefully place in the tracks of ants
  • One bait trap can almost go long for 2 to 3 months due to its broad-spectrum feature

How to store this Syngenta Advion Ant Gel?

Do you want to enjoy the best results of this ant killing product? If yes, then store this Advion product at a cool & dry place.

What are the warnings & side effects of this product?

  • Don’t use this product without reading directions.
  • Don’t place this Advion Ant Gel at those places that are easily reachable by kids.
  • Carefully use this gel bait around pets
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of this gel.
  • Don’t touch your eyes without washing your hands
  • Wear gloves while applying this gel
  • Sometimes cause allergies to the hands.
  • Cover all the food items while using this ant gel around food processing areas


This Advion Ant Gel contains 0.5% bio-active Indoxacarb. It is a slow-acting poison and acts as an insecticide.

Frequent Question & Answers

I have accidentally ordered Advion Ant Gel instead of Cockroach Gel. Does this product kill roaches?

Both these variants of Advion have the same active ingredient but their inert ingredients are not the same. So this Advion Ant Kill only means to kill ants, not cockroaches.

Does the package of this Syngenta Ant Gel Bait carry an expiration date?

Advion Ant Gel doesn’t have any expiration date print on its plastic packaging. When you store it in a stable temperature, this 30-gram Advion Ant Gel can survive almost for 1 to 2 years.

How much time the cleanup processes of this Advion Ant Gel take?

After the first application of this gel bait, you can replace this ADVION Ant Gel minimum two times in a week.

How long can this Ant Killer remain activated after application?

For about the first 2 weeks of application, the activation level of this Advion Syngenta product is high. You should replace the old layer of gel as long as you can see an infestation of ants again in that area.

Can this Syngenta Ant Bait Gel is safe for gardens?

The manufacturers do not recommend you to use this Advion Ant Gel in the vegetation gardens. For safety measures, we recommend you to waste fruit and vegetables that remain in contact with this ant gel.

How much gel I’ll get in one tube of this Anti ant gel?

Almost 30 arenas of gel you can get within the one tube of this ant control product.

Can I apply this ant gel in my kitchen and it disappeared overnight? Do the ants eat this Advion Gel?

If the ant gel disappears, then ants have likely consumed the gel. If you still see the infestation of ants in that area then continue the replying process until you can’t see any more ants.

Can I apply this Advion Ant Gel under my stove? Is it not dangerous?

The unique formulation of this anti-ant gel allows you to apply it under the stove, and yes, it is not dangerous at all. Just remember, this gel is not safe for those that have temperatures above 120-130 degrees.

Do I use this ant killer in my child’s room?

If you apply this gel directly, then it poses no harm and safe for your kid’s room. You should apply this anti-ant gel in the crevices and cracks of the windows and doors where the activities of ants are high.

How many tubes I’ll get in one package?

You will get 1 tube of this Advion Syngenta product in one plastic packaging.

Can I use this product around my cat? Isn’t it harmful to it?

This Advion Ant Gel Bait doesn’t release any mess and dangerous fumes. You can apply this gel to the cracks and crevices that are not accessible by pets.

Is it normal to see dead or dying ants around the areas where I had applied this gel?

Yes, it is normal to see dying ants during the process of ant baiting. It is also normal to see live ants removing the dead bodies of ants.

Can I use this pest control product at the outer walls of the house?

There is no doubt that Advion Ant Gel can be used outside, but the standability power of this gel is not high for outside elements.

Can I use this product around organic areas?

Advion gel includes chemical in its formulation, so I don’t recommend you to use this product around any organic area.

How much time should I continue the use of this ant killer after not seeing ants?

You should continue to apply this tube for 30 days until you no longer see ants in that specific area.

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    These is no box or instructions on how to use…what is written on the tube is not even english and its mentioned to bring someone to translate becuase it is really importnat!!!!!!

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